Hello Outdoor Enthusiasts!

We’d like to introduce ourselves…
We are the Innanen’s, Jeremy, Dayna and Mikaela… and we’re eager and excited to share with you our new, local, family-run business!

We care deeply about our community and are looking forward to helping create a more sustainable, better managed wildlife population and environment in our region.

Innanen Outdoors will provide the tools, resources and knowledge to help property owners make a difference for ecosystems and wildlife, alongside personal recreational nature enjoyment!

Our business is here to help property owners bring their land potential to life!

Specializing in Trail Design and Builds to enjoy skiing (+ grooming service), hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, ATV, snowmobiling and more. Providing Brush Saw and Chainsaw services to assist in removing trees and brush clearing to provide you with the ultimate backyard views possible.

We offer Wildlife Habitat Improvements including food plots, timber management and other techniques to attract and hold wildlife on your land.

Additionally, our Wildlife Plot Knowledge has evolved to Livestock Pasture Restoration, helping to improve nutrition and overall growth of pastures, while providing seed mixtures and blends with services. As avid vegetable gardeners ourselves, we have expanded to offering Garden Tilling. Alongside our Tractor Services, giving our clients the advantage of having multiple implements on site.

We believe in helping others gain full utilization of their property investments for optimal enjoyment of the Great Outdoors!

Here at Innanen Outdoors, we know getting IN the outdoors is year round.

We now offer Winter Trail Grooming Services as mentioned above in addition to offering Camp/Cottage Snow Removal, Salting and Sanding Services. We believe in embracing the seasons with Winter being such an incredible time to achieve some big goals. Our Winter-ready team provides maintenance and building supply transportation capable of tackling any northern treck.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is driven by the embodiment of a more sustainable and fulfilling property experience. We feel so lucky to live where we do, and you will too!

Meet Jeremy

This is the man behind the vision of Innanen Outdoors...

Raised in Kaministiquia, Jeremy was given the opportunity throughout his childhood to spend a substantial amount of time immersed in the outdoors.

This young man would bike for hours to get to his favourite fishing hole or hunting spot, and would spend countless hours alone in nature. Growing up on a Hobby Farm and spending days in the hay fields, Jeremy gained an early understanding of hard labour.

Over time, Jeremy’s understanding of wildlife behaviour naturally flourished. After many years of harbouring this passion, he has become an avid outdoorsman who dedicates all of his spare time to learning about our natural environment.

Jeremy spent 3 years studying in the Fish and Wildlife Technician Program, focussing on sustainability and ecology of our climate and complex geological location.

Since his studies, he has consistently practiced wildlife management strategies and techniques.

Today, Jeremy has over 20 years of experience, with 8 years specifically dedicated to Grouse, Whitetail Deer, Moose and Bears.

In addition, Jeremy has gained experience in incorporating larger-scale plot developments and large parcel management strategies on personally-owned land.

With a wealth of knowledge in the areas of soil fertility, sustainability, diversity, and overall health requirements of our ecosystems in Northwestern Ontario, Jeremy understands the specific needs and desires of the climate and how it affects the ever-changing world of wildlife management and the biodiversity needs of each individual parcel of land.

“What are those large Brassicas?”, you might ask.
…A Radish (left), and a Turnip (right)! Some fantastic annual vegetation to feed late season wildlife.

We can’t help but mention… Those dear to us have proclaimed that Jeremy has the natural gift of being approachable and welcoming to all who cross his path. Jeremy will greet your inquiry with enthusiasm and passion.

With that, please don’t hesitate to reach out! He will be more than happy to answer any questions, and eager to assist you in creating the optimal outdoor experience for yourselves and your families.