To provide land owners with the tools, resources and knowledge for the enjoyment and improvement of the land and wildlife managed.


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“Had a wonderful time working with Jeremy getting our property set up for horses! Everything from post holes to last minute fencing Jeremy and family helped us achieve a life long dream of having our horses in our own backyard. Genuine, skillful and just an overall great company, thank you Innanen Outdoors for the amazing work!”

Bethany Greenwall

“Here’s a huge thanks to Innanen Outdoors for the great work done at our farm in Kam. It’s great to have someone in our community that has the equipment and knowledge to do the things we needed done. Jeremy came out with his kubota (and attachments) and drilled 10 post holes (in Kam Clay), some for a chicken run, the garden and a clothesline. He felled several trees, one rotten one threatening to fall on the garage, and turned over the sod for a new garden. Stuff we’ve wanted done for years, but didn’t have the timer or equipment to do it. Thanks Jeremy and Dayna for having these services (and many more) available for our area. Picture of the new chicken run!”

Charlie and Donna

Innanen Outdoor’s Vision is a commitment to customer satisfaction driven by the belief in a more sustainable and fulfilling property experience. Working closely with our clients to understand their needs and desires providing them with solutions and resources to optimize full utilization of their property investment.